Nytt nummer av IJTAR ute

Dear EATA members,

This message comes to let you know that the July issue of IJTAR – Vol 7 Issue 2 – is now available to access on the website.

We have a great collection of articles – about executive coaching workshops and psychological well-being; injunctions and personality types related to alcohol -dependent clients in Russia; a case study about organisational restructuring of the counselling team; and a survey study about the practice and identity of transactional analyst therapists.

All you have to do is click on www.ijtar.org and log in to read online, or download the pdfs of specific articles or the complete issue.

Access to IJTAR continues to be completely free so if you have not already registered, just go to the website and set yourself up with a username and a password of your choice. We need you to do that please so that we can prove how many readers we have. (If you are already registered as a reader, you will have received this email already directly from the journal website).

Happy reading.

Julie Hay
IJTAR Editor