Traian Bossenmayer

Traian is an organizational development professional, with experience in training and leadership development initiatives. He is currently working for a multinational gaming company as HR Director and as a freelance consultant and TA supervisor and trainer. He is passionate about facilitating change within teams, by encouraging an authentic contact through meaningful conversations. Traian invites and supports growth in a thoughtful, caring and enthusiastic way.

Contact: www.bossenmayer.ro

Berit Fahlen

Living the theory has become more and more important over the years.

What does it mean in my daily life that I am OK and You are OK? For me it´sa struggle every single day.

Every day, every meeting carries opportunities for learning. My grandchildren helps me to stay curious. “What does this TA concept mean to me at a personal level?” is an important question I ask myself.

What to say about loving ? Isn´t that the reason for everything.

I ́m a PTSTA in psychotherapy and I am a partner in The scandinavian institute for Transactional analysis, SITA. SITA provides TA supervision and training. In my private practice I meet clients of many different kinds with different problems. I am also an owner of a therapeutic community that works with children and teenagers with severe psychiatric problems. I´m a board member of STAF and former president.       

Contact: www.beritfahlen.se   +46703196678

Bev Gibbons

I am a TSTA (P) and have an MA In TA psychotherapy and BA Hons in integrative counseling. I work in North Yorkshire, in the UK, as a trainer, supervisor and psychotherapist in private practice, and as a core trainer at TA Training Organization based in Leeds, UK. I work with individuals groups and organizations, drawing on experience of leading teams as well as from my work in counseling and psychotherapy.

The Co Creative TA principles lie at the heart of my work and way of being, working intersubjectively in the ’space between’ is a passion. I am also passionate about working across all fields of application in TA.

I am the current EATA / UKATA CTA oral exam site supervisor, a member of the UKATA Training and Accreditation Standards Committee and a former chair of UKATA.

Contact: bgcp@bevgibbons.co.uk  www.bevgibbons.co.uk

Nicole Lenner

I am a PTSTA in the field of Counseling, living in the north of Germany. My passion is working with in the framework of co-creative TA in international settings. My key activities as a counselor or are coaching individuals and teams and facilitating conflict solving processes in organizations . As a trainer / supervisor I am leading TA foundation courses and advanced training in the context of my own training establishmen tin Hamburg and worldwide (online). My main motivation is to create an experiential learning, living and loving environment and a safe space for human beings, where professional and personal development go hand in hand. I am engaged in the TA community as EATA delegate for DGTA , EATA General Secretary and EATA language coordinator for multiple languages . 

Contact:  www.amae.de, info@amae.de , +491712211105  

Paul Robinson

Paul has been supporting people to learn and develop for 30 years as a manager, mentor, coach and trainer. He runs his own training company, focusing on supporting people to develop and change through TA based personal development programs. He is based in Ipswich (UK) and delivers programs internationally. Paul uses co-creativity extensively as a base for his work and is an Educational Transactional Analyst (PTSTA-E). He believes that everyone should have the opportunity and support to achieve their potential, and is passionate about supporting people to achieve this through a process of co-creative transformational learning and change.

Contact: bawdseypaul@gmail.com

James Sweeney

I am a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst. I am fascinated by process and how we relate to each other and how we learn in an interpersonal context. This has involved me using co-creative theory and practice to facilitate therapeutic change and learning. This also challenges me to reflect on how I can relate to those around me in a deeper more meaningful way. I am also interested in how we articulate and use Tudor’s empathic method ’as the method of co-creative relating. James is also interested in the role of power in relationships and how this is co-created in the areas of sex, gender and sexuality both from individual and cultural perspectives.

Contact: james@ljsweeney.co.uk +44 7810423540