Autumn Conference 2022







Co-Creative Transactional Analysis in Theory & Action

Autumn Conference

Join us in Gothenburg, Sweden on 22nd – 24th October and explore the challenges and rewards of putting co-creative TA into practice!

With this conference, we invite you into the experience of a co-created environment. We provide a variety of workshops on what Co-Creative Transactional Analysis is in theory and in practice.
On the first day we will engage in a “101” on Co-Creative TA, giving an overview of and exploring the basic concepts and models of CCTA.
The second day will be a celebration of application of CCTA from different perspectives and in all fields of TA.
On Monday we will together harvest our findings and take a look at CCTA from 3 different meta perspectives: Living – Loving – Learning.
We are very much looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences with you and to learning from everyone who follows our invitation.
So come in and find out!

What to Expect:

  • 15 workshops
  • Two lunches
  • Coffee-breaks with refreshments
  • Celebration dinner (optional)
  • A chance to meet and greet TA-people from different
    countries with the same interest in CCTA

Led By 

  • Traian Bossenmayer PTSTA – O
  • Berit Fahlen PTSTA – P
  • Bev Gibbons TSTA – P
  • Nicole Lenner PTSTA – C
  • Paul Robinson PTSTA – E
  • James Sweeney PTSTA – P