About co-creative TA

Co-creative transactional analysis (CCTA) was and still is developed by Graeme Summers and Keith Tudor.

CCTA also embraces social constructivism, wherein we are able to review our stories about our past and retell them in the present, with our wider experience of the world, thereby changing our past as well as changing our future. The theory suggests that script is an ongoing and dynamic process which is generated dynamically and continues to be subject to change. When those changes occur they inevitably impact on the dynamic script of those around us. Building on field theory, CCTA suggests that the relational field generated in our interactions is more than the sum of the parts generating it. (eg. 1+1=2 plus). The CCTA way of relating requires and enables intimacy and non-defensiveness. People involved aim to share the responsibility for present centredness and treat themselves and the other with unconditional positive regard at the existential level.

The concept of the integrating Adult, developed by Keith Tudor, supports the present centredness that is crucial for maintaining the positive relational field by choosing and supporting others to choose behaviours appropriate for the moment. 

Over the 20 years since the original TAJ article, the theory has been developing further, and continues to be dynamic and to challenge some of the traditional TA theories Tudor and Summers suggest rethinking basic TA concepts such as script, ego states, games, and make new meaning to them. 

CCTA was recognised in 2020 when Graeme Summers and Keith Tudor were awarded the Eric Berne Memorial Award.

We as the organising team have been working with CCTA for several years in our fields of practise, as TA trainers and supervisors and among ourselves. Now we are looking forward to share our knowledge and experience with you, and we invite you to engage in this different way of being – living – loving – learning!