Traian Bossenmayer

Traian is an organizational development professional, with experience in training and leadership development initiatives. He is currently working for a multinational gaming company as HR Manager and as a freelance consultant and executive coach. He passed his CTA (O) exam in Rome, 2015 and has been a PTSTA (O) since 2016. He is passionate about facilitating change within teams, by encouraging an authentic contact through meaningful conversations. Traian invites and supports growth in a thoughtful, caring and enthusiastic way. Contact: www.bossenmayer.ro

Berit Fahlen

The more I learn the more I understand how little I know. I like to explore the intersubjective space in a ”I – You” way inspired by Martin Buber. To connect in a deep way and together create new narratives to challenge and expand the script. My passion is to meet and see clients, trainees, colleagues and people I meet in supervision in the place they are for the moment. And together find ways through difficulties. I´m a PTSTA in psychotherapy and I am a partner in The scandinavian institute for Transactional analysis, SITA. SITA provides TA supervision and training. In my private practise I meet clients. I am as well an owner of a therapeutic community that works with children and teenagers with severe psychiatric problems. Currently I am the president of the Swedish TA association. Contact: www.beritfahlen.se

Bev Gibbons

My passion is continuing exploration, learning and experiencing of the potential in relational, co-created processes, and intersubjectivity. I am deeply interested in and curious about the transformational potential presented by the liminal space – the space between the ‘what was’ and ‘what will be’. I am passionate about getting TA ‘out there’ so that as many people as possible are aware of it, and can have the opportunity to experience themselves positively through its great potential to transform. I am also committed to working and developing work across all 4 TA fields. I am PTSTA (P) and have a BA Hons in integrative counselling and MA in TA Psychotherapy. I work as a trainer, supervisor and therapist in private practice, and I am currently chair of the UK Association for Transactional Analysis (UKATA) Contact: www.bevgibbons.co.uk, www.shorelinetraining.net

Nicole Kabisch

Nicole is a freelance consultant since 2003, she owns a consulting firm, based in Hamburg/Germany. Her passion as coach for teams and individuals is applying co-creative TA in her daily work. As PTSTA-C (since 2016), Nicole provides TA Supervision and Training worldwide. In all her work, she loves to create the conditions and the holding of a safe space where development and deep learning become reality. In these co-created and mutual learning processes, Nicole fosters an empathic, warm and at the same time clear working style. In a relationship of trust and transparency, trainees reflect on themselves and their work, learn from it and return to it differently. Contact: www.kabisch.hamburg

Paul Robinson

Paul has been supporting people to learn and develop for 30 years as a manager, mentor, coach and trainer. He runs his own training company, focusing on supporting people to develop and change through TA based personal development programs. He is based in Ipswich (UK) and delivers programs internationally. Paul uses co-creativity extensively as a base for his work and is an Educational Transactional Analyst (PTSTA-E). He believes that everyone should have the opportunity and support to achieve their potential, and is passionate about supporting people to achieve this through a process of co-creative transformational learning and change. Contact: bawdseypaul@gmail.com

James Sweeney

I am a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst. I am fascinated by process and how we relate to each other and how we learn in an interpersonal context. This has involved me using co-creative theory and practice to facilitate therapeutic change and learning. This also challenges me to reflect on how I can relate to those around me in a deeper more meaningful way. I am also interested in how we articulate and use Tudor’s ‘empathic method’ as the method of co-creative relating. James is also interested in the role of power in relationships and how this is co-created in the areas of sex, gender and sexuality both from individual and cultural perspectives. Contact: +44 7810423540